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2000: Year in Review

The year 2000. By it's end, Nintendo and it's all-star cast of characters will be looking back at twenty unprecedented years. All those years ago, Nintendo risked it all by liscensing a little arcade game called Donkey Kong. It featured a carpenter, a monkey, and more success than anyone had imagined. Since then, Nintendo has come a long way. That little 2-D carpenter is now a 64-bit plumber. The ape who kidnapped the carpenter's girlfriend is now a hero in his own time.

Soon, they took their adventures into the homes of the masses, and were joined by a new cast of characters. First, a galactic bounty hunter with the weight of the universe resting on her shoulders. Later, an elven boy who's adventures would take him through time, space, other worlds, mirror universes, and even his own dreams. But that was not all. A green dinosaur, charging himself with the duty of assisting two plumber siblings. A galaxy-wide racing event, no holds barred and supported by an host of shady characters. A pink puffball, sent to rescue his world from a threat of it's own. A free-flying fox, saving the universe from total destruction. A child genius, protecting Earth from an enemy like no other. An island inhabited by strange creatures with a special relationship between themselves and humans.

These ten casts of characters combined the ranks through some unexplicable chain of events. Having proven themselves to their worlds, only one challenge still awaited - proving themselves to eachother.

But these events have all come and gone. A new millenium now awaited this ragtag band of heroes. How would they fair?

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