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Systems: NES, Gameboy
Release Year: 1992
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating


HATCH AND MATCH WITH YOSHI! Yoshi is an action puzzle game starring Mario's dinosaur buddy Yoshi, and other familiar characters like Little Goomba and Blooper. Once again, Mario is going to have to battle away to save Yoshi, who is imprisoned in an egg. Match the egg shells to release Yoshi and score big points!

The instruction manual pretty much says it all. This was Yoshi's second game, first puzzler, and first game to feature his name in the title.


A neat and original puzzle game. Graphics are average. The enemies and Yoshi sport their normal looks. Mario and Luigi, however, have been twisted to fit his role, and end up looking odd. Sound effects are few, but in a game like this, not many are needed. The music is light and upbeat, fitting for the theme. The control is simple. Basically, you move Mario between four panels, holding two at a time. Mario can move these panels in any place he likes, but another panel must take it's place. You must try to place a panel underneath a falling object (Goomba, Blooper, Pirhana plant, Boo, or egg) that is the same as the object on top of the panel, so that the two will cancel eachother. In case of an egg, you can place any number of objects on the lower half of an eggshell. Then, when an upper half shell falls, it will destroy everything between itself and the other eggshell. Depending on how many objects were between the shell, a different kind of Yoshi will come out of the egg. 0-1 = baby Yoshi, 2-4 = normal Yoshi, 5-6 = winged Yoshi, and 7 = super Yoshi.