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Yoshi's Safari

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1993
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneous


One day, Mario and Yoshi came to see Princess Peach... She told them of a nearby kingdom, a place called Jewelry Land. You must go to Jewelry Land. It's rulers, Prince Pine and King Fret are in terrible danger. You must go there and save them. Please Mario, they are my friends!! Thank you! You must go at once. Good luck and take care, both of you! As a favor for the Princess, Mario and Yoshi begin on their journey. The Princess told them King Fret and Prince Pine had been kidnapped. And, the treasure of Jewelry Land, 12 gems had been plundered!!! Who could be responsible? Could it be that evil Koopa Clan?


One of only a few games for the SNES Super Scope light gun, and one of the best. The game had a nicely done 1st person engine, in which you took Mario's place on Yoshi's back, hitting enemies as they came across your path. The music was original. However, the game generally sounded flat and there wasn't a whole lot of variation between sounds. The control was a strong point. In the single player mode, Yoshi went along his own path, but you controlled his jumping using the extra functions button on the Super Scope. In two-player mode, the second player took control of Yoshi, and commanded is jump function as well as his limited mobility. Other than that, fire away.