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Zelda 2: Links Adventure

System: NES
Release Year: 1988
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1

    This is the longest plot of all the zelda games, so just bear with me.
After the battle of Zelda 1, Link overthrew Gannon. Many seasons later,
Hyrule is still chaos because of the power of Gannons evil. Gannon's minions
are still waiting for his return. Only the blood of Link can revive Gannon.
    A crest of the Triforce apeared on Link's hand, when he reached 16.
Frightened, he went to Impa. She then took him to the North Castle.
    A huge door that only the descendents of Impa's family could open stood
before them. Taking Link's left hand, Impa pressed it to the back of the
door, which in turn opened it. A bueatiful women layed on a pedestal,
sleeping. Impa then tells Link the story of Hyrule.
    When the King died, the Prince was susposed to take over the kingdom and
even a part of the Triforce. However he wanted the complete Triforce. He
couldn't find the other pieces. A magacian close to the King told the prince
that the king had told the princess where they were. He questioned her but
she didn't say anything. In anger, the magacian put a spell on the princess,
a spell of sleep. The prince tried to stop him, but it was too late. Princess
Zelda fell into sleep, and evidently (while trying to stop the magacian) the
prince killed the magacian.
    In grief the Prince placed Zelda into the room and decreed that all
princess' would be named Zelda.
    Next to the altar lay six stones and a scroll. The scroll could only be
read by the person who had the Triforce on the back of his hand. Link could
read the scroll.
    It explained the three parts of the Triforce: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
It said the Power and Wisdom where hidden in the land, but the Courage was
hidden Great Palace in the Valley of Death. It also told to get through the
castle and it's guardians, and defeat the boss to each one, and then place
the stones into the statues. When all have been placed a last palace will
open and defeat that boss and obtain the Triforce.
    Impa ask Link to do this, because only the Triforce could awaken Zelda.
    And then Link leaves to begin his quest <phew>
    Now that's out of the way:   
In a series with five games, (soon to be 6) you can expect that there
would be one bad one in the lot. Well, this is it. I hate to bash a Zelda
game, but this is the only game of the series that I did not like. The side
scrolling battles where old, and were used too many times, and the graphics
were nothing new. The size of the game wasn't  as great and some parts were
way too dificult to have fun. I will admit that getting experience in the
game was fun, the rest was nothing impressive.

The graphics where the same as any other NES game. Kind of bland, but at
least they were colorful. The people looked better than in the first one, but
this is hardly worth noteing. The music was good in some places, but overall
I could have done without it. Lastly, the gameplay. Adding a jumping move to
Link's arsenal was a big mistake. In fact, making the fighting side scrolling
was the biggest mistake! Some dungeons and enemies where really hard and
frustrating, but not as much as the controls. Don't worry though, this is the
worst Zelda game. All the others are way better.