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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

System: Nintendo 64
Release Year: 2000
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


Link is riding on his faithful horse when he stopped by a mysteriously familiar thief with a funny looking mask. Link is knocked from his horse and when he awakens he scares the thief and his two fairies away. The thief had taken the ocarina of time which Zelda had given him before he left. Link goes after it and finds himself trapped in a strange world with people that seem familiar, but different. A moon with a creepy familiar face is heading towards the planet and a gigantic clock is always dictating the time until the disaster. Link must stop the moon from falling, regain his ocarina, and escape back to Hyrule... he’ll do just fine, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. He’s done this stuff lots of times.


This game instituted some new ideas that could have been developed further, but were still unique the way they were. The entire game play is based on the Ground Hog’s Day syndrome. Link is forced to relive the same three days, each day the moon gets closer. Link eventually gets a notebook to keep track of what people do on certain days and so help them out better and better each time you play. This made the people in the town more personal. The few complaints I have are trivial, but there is one thing that most people would agree on. There should have been more dungeons. There were very few. The music you learn through the game just didn’t seem to be as catchy as in Ocarina, the coloring is more cartoonish, and the people in the town should have been more active.
The worst part of the game, that even tops the lack of dungeons, would be the creepy, fruity, map salesmen that hovers over people in green tights named Tingle. I think Nintendo combined a car salesman and a poison arrow frog to create this nasty creature.

The game was still fun. There were one or two songs that almost rivaled Gerudo Valley, the game play was improved slightly, the fighting sequences were better, and the game was overall fun to play. Other than having little replay value this game is one of the better Zeldas.