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Super Mario Adventure
The N64 sequel to SMRPG will focus more towards an action/RPG blending than a straight RPG like the original. The graphics will lean towards those of Yoshi's Story except they replace the 2D background w/ 3D and the 3D characters w/ 2D. Also like Yoshi's Story, the game will focus on a younger generation of players. Whether or not this game will be a success in the US is questionable, considering that this game has quite a few opposites from the design that made it's predacessor a hit. The battles will be along the same lines as those of SMRPG, except that your partner characters attack on call using the friend command, and then are controlled by the game AI, rather than the player. In terms of design, aside from the fact that the graphics are as opposite as can be from the original, the game plays very much like SMRPG. As far as the story goes, it seems that we have another Bowser steals the Princess and Mario has to save her game. This game is still unfolding and it should be interesting to see how it turns out.