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Ellie to Espresso
Number of Entries: 6

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Ellie first lent a helping hand during Baron K. Roolenstein’s attack. His trunk is useful in many ways. He can suck air and act like a vacuum, sucking up barrels and picking them up. He can also suck up water from pools or waterfalls and use his trunk like a water gun. His one weakness is a terrible fear of mice (Donkey Kong Country 3).


The only animal partner to appear in every single Donkey Kong Country game. Enguarde’s most obvious advantage is not having to hit A repeatedly to move up underwater. His long sharp nose is good for destroying just about every kind of fish baddy in the game. In later adventures, he shows his ability to charge for a long charging stab to break into bonus rooms. It’s almost impossible to get him out of the water, however (Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3, and Donkey Kong 64).


A large legendary Pokemon of the Fire type. Volcanoes are said to erupt when it barks. According to Pokedex information, it is unable to restrain is power and constantly races around (Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal).
Note: Entei is one of the many Pokemon featured in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Epona has been and always will be the pride of Lon Lon Ranch. When Link first met her, Malon, who cared for the horse, taught him the song that will bring Epona to him wherever he was. He was not able to use this as a child, however. When he became an adult, the ranch had been taken over by Ingo the cow plop scooper. After a few lessons, Link challenged Ingo to a race and won. After making it out of the ranch, Link was able to summon his horse with Malon's Melody. After Ganon was defeated, Link borrowed Epona to take a journey into the forrest that led him to Termina. He had lost her along the way, but found her at Romani Ranch, where he had to prove his skills to get her back (Ocarina of Time). Following the end of Link's first adventure, Epona was stolen by the Skull Kid. Link pursued him into Termina, where he eventually recovered her (Majora's Mask).


Pokemon trainer who specializes in Grass-types. Leader of the Celadon Gym, trainers must face her in order to win the rainbow badge and move on to the Elite Four (Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal).


Espresso is the Ostrich who made a few short appearances helping DK and Diddy during King K.Rool’s first banana raid. His long legs allowed her to avoid ground skimming attacks, he is quite fast, and has the ability to float slowly to the ground by flapping wildly. Unfortunately, he has no real attacks, and is usually knocked out quite easily (Donkey Kong Country).