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Acro to Axem Rangers
Number of Entries: 16

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A killer whale residing in the oceans of Popstar. Under the control of Dark Matter, Acro guarded one of the miriad areas of Dream Land from Kirby. However, Kirby was eventually successful in defeating the whale and freeing him from Dark Matter (KDL3). Acro was again overtaken by Dark Matter during his third invasion, and made to guard Aqua Star from the pink puff. He was again defeated and freed by Kirby (K64).
Note: it is uncertain how Acro got from Popstar to Aqua Star. He may have been transported there by Dark Matter, there may be multiple Acros, or there may be another answer.


Talented artist with a unique ability: anything she paints becomes real. Dark Matter realized this during his first invasion of Popstar, and used her powers for his own benefit. Unable to control herself, she painted portrait after portrait and ordered them to attack Kirby. However, Kirby defeated them one after another. Out of frustration, Adeline set to attack Kirby herself with paintbrush swinging. However, she proved far too weak to be a match for Kirby, and was soon ridden of Dark Matters' influence (KDL3). This did not stop Dark Matter during his following offensive, and Adeline once again used her art against Kirby in a brief battle. After being rescued this time, she joined Kirby, Waddle Dee, Ribbon, and later King Dedede on Kirby's quest, painting helpful items or hints along his path (K64).
Note: although the two characters are virtually identical in KDL3 and K64, the credits in KDL3 name the character Ado. However, almost all evidence points to the two characters being the same person, and it may be that the character was simply renamed.


Agahnim's story begins during the imprisoning war. Ganon's minions had been imprisoned in their realm. The Hylians had forgotten about the imprisoning war, and they prospered in years of peace. Then calamity struck. The Hylians found themselves unprepared for the catastrophes. Then Agahnim appeared before the king. He stopped the calamities. The king gave him an honorable position in the kingdom, but Agahnim began abusing his power. He eventually took over the kingdom. Seeking to open the portal to the dark realm, Agahnim found that if he stopped the power of the sages from flowing through the land, the seal would be broken. He sought out the descendants of the sages and sent them to the dark world. The only descendant remaining was Zelda. She sent Link on hs journey to find the master sword, the only weapon which could defeat Agahnim. But by the time he did, it was too late. The seal was broken, and Ganon was free. Zelda had been captured. Link trekked to the dark world, fighting off Ganon's minions, and eventually Agahnim. Upon defeated Agahnim, he discovered that Agahnim was not what he seemed, and was actually a puppet of Ganon himself. Agahnim has not been heard from since, and his current whereabouts and activities are unknown (A Link to the Past). Agahnim appeared among Link's nightmares on Koholint Island, though it is likely that this is not Agahnim himself but rather a reproduction of him created by Link's imagination (Link's Awakening).


One of the gym trainers known as the Elite Four. Agatha is the third of their number which you must battle to become a Pokemon Master, with her specialty being Ghost-types, although she is also known to use Poison-type Pokemon. Battling her has been known to prove difficult, as no Pokemon has an advantage over Ghost-types. Much about Agatha is a mystery, and little is known of her past (Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow).
Note: Agatha did not appear in the sequel titles Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and was replaced by new members of the Elite Four. It is possible that she died, but no light has been shed on the subject.

Alex O'Neil

Alex O'Neil, a former football player, is a very energetic fellow. His car, the Stingray, has a very unique design. It is equipped with two Mugler FORCE-JET-BB stacked on top of one another. It allows for a long boosted speed, but it is unstable and hard to corner with (F-Zero: Maximum Velocity).

Alonsius Minch

The father of Pokey and Pickey, and Ness's next-door neighbor. He had a disliking of Ness and his family, mainly because Ness's father owed him money. He often attempted to get Ness and his family to move, but without success. During Pokey's alliance with Geldeguarde Monotoli of Fourside, Mr. Minch lived a high life thanks to his son. Upon Paula's abduction in Fourside, Ness and Jeff thwarted Pokey's plans by destroying the source of Monotoli's power. Monotoli lost control of Fourside, and Pokey was forced to retreat. Mr. Minch left Fourside and returned to Onett (Eearthbound).


Andross nephew, Andrew was a member of the Star Wolf team in support of his uncle. Star Wolf was repeatedly employed by Andross to destroy the Star Fox team. However, Star Wolf was constantly defeated, and even improved ships were not enough to stop Fox McCloud and his teammates. After Andross' defeat by Star Fox, Andrew and the rest of Star Wolf disappeared, and have not been heard from since (Star Fox 64).
Note: although his first official appearance was in Star Fox 64, it is likely that he was to appear in the cancelled title Star Fox 2 for the SNES, as the Star Wolf team was originally set to debut in that game.


An evil genius, Andross was banished by the Galactic animal feds to the prison planet of Venom on the outskirts of the Lylat System. From his prison, he began to build up an army and began making plans to dominate the planet. On more than one occasion, he has amassed invations that have spread across the Lylat System to the military base on Corneria (Star Fox, Star Fox 64). But his invasions have never gotten any further thanks to Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team. He has often invaded areas of the Lylat System such as Corneria, Macbeth, and Titania. Although his invasions have never fully succeeded, they have often devastated many worlds in the Lylat System, most notably the polluted world of Zoness. Andross has disappeared since his last defeat, and has not been heard from since (Star Fox 64).
Note: it is not entirely clear whether Andross died at the end of Star Fox 64, as he was able to return after Star Fox where he supposedly perished under similar circumstances. However, it is also not certain if the figure at the end of Star Fox was Andross at all, but rather an illusion or something similar created by him. The classic Andross trophey description in Super Smash Bros. Melee supports this theory.

Angler Fish

A gigantic fish living in a dark, watery cavern. When Link trespassed in his domain, the fish repeatedly tried to ram him into the wall. It also employed smaller Anglerfish in it's defense. However, the small glimmer above the fish's head proved to be it's weakness, and Link made short work of defeating it (Link's Awakening).

Antonio Guster

Antonio Guster's story is one of treachery and deceit. Informant to Samurai Goroh, Goroh paid Guster a visit after he was kicked off the Internova Police Force. Guster and Goroh joined forces as bounty hunters for a long while. Then while escorting Lord Limbo, their latest bounty, to their ship, Goroh deserted Guster on the Tankoran moon. Guster was captured by the Tankorans and barely escaped the moon. He soon found out that Goroh had turned in Lord Limbo and collected the bounty on his own. Antonio Guster now works by himself and seeks revenge against Goroh (F-Zero X).
Note: the bulk of this description is taken from the now defunct official F-Zero X website.


A dragon employed by Ganon to guard various points of importance in Hyrule. This creature was able to spit fire, and usually attacked from a distance. However, his defeat was a simple matter for Link. He is particularly vulnerable to bombs. Although Link encountered him a few times in his quest to recover the shattered Triforce, Aquamentus has not been seen on any other occasion (Legend of Zelda).


  • Series: Donkey Kong
  • Occupation: Henchman to Baron K. Roolenstein
  • Current Whereabouts: Kremwood Forest
  • First Appearance: Donkey Kong 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
  • Known relatives: none
  • Henchman of K. Roolenstein, Arich was charged with defending Kremwood Forest against Dixie and Kiddy Kong. High atop a tree, Arich oversought his troops. The giant spider's forces were unable to stop the Kongs, and Arich was forced to fight them himself. Arich's spiked feet and poisonous shots were not enough, and the Kongs defeated him. After his defeat, the Kongs recovered a pair of jet skis which Funky used to build a new craft for them (Donkey Kong Country 3).