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Daisy to Dyna Blade
Number of Entries: 19

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Dr. Clash Dr. Stewart Dragonzamasu Draq Draygon Dumb Drum Dyna Blade


Monarch of the kingdom of Sarasaland, Daisy was unprepared for the attack on her kingdom by the strange alien, Tatanga. Tatanga kidnapped her, placing several duplicates in her place. Daisy rested her hopes on the heroic Mario, who proceded to rid her kingdom of Tatanga's minions. Upon Tatanga's defeat, Daisy was rescued by Mario, to whom she remains grateful (Super Mario Land).
Note: after her introduction in Super Mario Land, Daisy disappeared from gaming for ten years, until reappearing in Mario Tennis. She has since appeared in Mario Party 3 and 4, and her outfit is one of Peach's alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Dark Matter

Very little is known about Dark Matter, and it's origin is unclear. It hails from somewhere in space, and is capable of surviving in the vacuum. It also has the power to take over the minds of other beings, and seems to have many different forms. Nobody is sure which (if any) of the forms encountered by Kirby is his true one. During it's first attack on Popstar, it stole the rainbows which connect the islands of Popstar, using the residents of Dreamland against Kirby. After confronting Kind Dedede and freeing him from Dark Matter's influence, Kirby faced Dark Matter with the Rainbow Sword. A battle in space followed, in which Dark Matter was defeated (Kirby's Dream Land 2). Dark Matter later returned to Popstar, again using Kirby's friends and enemies against the pink puff. After rescuing the Dreamlanders, Kirby again confronted Dark Matter in space, sending the creature back from where he came (Kirby's Dream Land 3). Later, Dark Matter turned his attention not just to Popstar, but to other planets as well. Kirby was easily able to send Dark Matter away from Popstar, but the other planets presented a new challenge. With the help of Waddle Dee, Adeline, King Dedede and a fairy named Ribbon, Kirby fought Dark Matter back to Ribbon's homeworld, then attacked Dark Matter in his own strange world. With Ribbon's help, Kirby destroyed Dark Matter's base. His current status and whereabouts are unknown (Kirby 64).
Note: this creature is not to be confused with the Nightmare, which appeared in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, although the two are similar.

Diddy Kong

A monkey on DK Island, Diddy Kong looks up to DK as his hero. Diddy Kong was on guard when the Kremlings stole Donkey Kong's banana hoard. He tried to fight the Kremlings, but he was put in a barrel and kicked away. Later, DK found him, and the two set out to rescue the bananas. Defeating each of King K. Rool's henchmen, the two Kongs reached Gangplank Galleon, where they faced K. Rool himself. Though K. Rool put up a hard fight for the bananas, the Kongs won in the end (Donkey Kong Country). Shortly after their adventure, the two Kongs, along with Dixie and Funky Kong, took a vacation to the beach, where DK was mysteriously kidnapped. Diddy and Dixie tracked him to an island infested with Kremling pirates, lead by Kaptain K. Rool. The two Kongs traveled across the great island, finally reaching K. Rool's airship and rescuing DK (Donkey Kong Country 2). After this adventure, Diddy, along with DK, was captured by Baron K. Roolenstein, but was rescued by Dixie and her cousin, Kiddie Kong (Donkey Kong Country 3). Some time later, Diddy was called upon by his friend Tiger, to help save his island home from Wizpig. With help from a host of characters, Diddy and Tiger drove Wizpig away (Diddy Kong Racing). K. Rool would eventually return to DK Island again. This time, he imprisoned Diddy, along with Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky Kong. DK quickly saved Diddy, and he assisted DK throughout this adventure, eventually taking part in the battle with K. Rool himself (Donkey Kong 64).

Dixie Kong

Chimpanzee and best friend of Diddy Kong. Dixie joined Diddy Kong in his quest to rescue DK from Kaptain K. Rool. Dixie's unique ability to float through the air using her ponytail proved to be useful during the adventure (Donkey Kong Country 2). Dixie took the lead when Diddy and DK were both captured by Baron K. Roolenstein. With the help of her cousin Kiddy and his unusual strength, Dixie rescued the two. In the process, she succeeded in freeing the banana birds and their mother, who helped Dixie stop K. Roolenstein (Donkey Kong Country 3).


Dodo serves Valentina grudgingly. During Valentina's attempt to take over the throne of Nimbus Land, Dodo posed as the missing prince Mallow. Little did anyone know that the real Mallow, along with Mario, Geno, Bowser, and Princess Toadstool, had arrived in Nimbus Land and discovered the plot. Sneaking into the palace, Mallow, Mario, and the others confronted Valentina. She and Dodo fled the castle, but didn't make it far, and were forced to battle the heroes. Valentina finally gave up, and she and Dodo left Nimbus Land, never to return. During their retreat, Valentina was accidently dropped onto Booster's balcony. Dodo was later present at their wedding (Super Mario RPG).


During one of K. Rool's attacks on DK Island, Dogadon served him as an area guardian. Though K. Rool had though himself undefeatable once he captured four of the Kongs, Donkey Kong managed to rescue them, including Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong reached Dogadon's lair, where Dogadon was waiting for him beneath a pool of lava. Though Dogadon was able to fly in the air and breath fire, Diddy Kong managed to defeat him. K. Rool gave Dogadon a second chance, and placed him in protection of another area of DK Island. Though Dogadon fought harder than before, he was unable to stop Chunky Kong from defeating him during his second battle. Dogadon has not been heard from since (Donkey Kong 64).


A native of Smithy's domain. Domino, along with his assistant, Cloaker, guarded an area of Smithy's immense factory. Upon Cloaker's defeat by Mario and friends, Domino retreated to the large mechanical snake, Mad Adder, hoping to stop Mario from advancing. However, both Domino and the snake were defeated (Super Mario RPG).
Note: defeating Domino before Cloaker results in Cloaker retreating to the snake, rather than Domino.

Don and Con

Residents of Dreamland, Don and Con were victims of Dark Matter's second invasion. They guarded part of Dreamland from Kirby, who eventually reached them. Don and Con put up a fight, evading Kirby as miniature versions of themselves confronted him. Kirby defeated the two, and freed them from Dark Matter. They have since lived peacefully on Popstar (Kirby's Dream Land 3).
Note: Con is the raccoon, and Don is the fox. These two are similar to Nruff and Nelly from Kirby's Dream Land 2, but there does not seem to be a relationship.

Don Bongo

After the baby Yoshi collected all the fruits he needed in "frustration" he faced Don Bongo. He was very heavy set, and every step he took knocked loose junk from the ceiling, damaging the poor yoshi. He used this to his advantage, however, but swallowing the junk to make eggs, and shooting Don Bongo's fat lip until he gave up (Yoshi's Story).

Donkey Kong (I)

A massive ape native to Donkey Kong Island. Through unknown means, Donkey Kong found himself trapped in a large city, where he proceeded to kidnap the lovely Pauline. DK carried her to the top of a large construction site, where he hoped to elude the woman's boyfriend, a carpenter named Mario. However, Mario reached the top of the tower, where he toppled DK (Donkey Kong). Mario proceeded to lock DK in a cage, presumably to return him to the jungle. However, Mario didn't count on interference from DK's young son, Donkey Kong Jr. Mario toted DK through a variety of places, but was ultimately forced to confront Junior, who freed his father from the carpenter (Donkey Kong Jr.). Unable to stay out of trouble, Donkey Kong began to pester a large group of jungle-dwelling insects. Stanley the Bugman was called on to combat the bugs, and DK as well (Donkey Kong 3). All his previous rampages paled in comparison to what happened next. With his son at his side, Donkey Kong returned to the city where he had first encountered Mario and Pauline, capturing the young woman once again. Mario was quick to pursue the ape. This time, DK was not satisfied with a city, and took her across a variety of landscapes, from a jungle, to a snow-capped mountain, to an airplane, and finally to large tower. There, Donkey Kong used the power of a unique breed of mushroom to grow to an immense size, hoping to crush Mario once and for all. Amazingly, the tiny carpenter was able to defeat the gigantic ape, rescuing Pauline after a long and perilous adventure. DK has since retired from his exploits, returning to DK island where he has remained relatively quiet (Donkey Kong [Game Boy]).
Note: Donkey Kong Country asserts that Cranky Kong is the original DK, and that the current DK is his grandson. This would mean that Cranky is the Kong from the original games, and that it was he, not his grandson, who kidnapped Pauline. This is not entirely clear, however, and gamers have been left to make their own decisions about the issue. Thus, both Cranky Kong and the DKC Donkey Kong have been given seperate entries from this one.

Donkey Kong (II)

Donkey Kong is a laid-back, fun-loving ape native to Donkey Kong Island. His only concern is his beloved hoard of bananas, which he personally guards from theft. One night while asleep, DK left his young friend Diddy in charge of the banana's safety. However, Diddy was unprepared for the Kremling hoard, who attacked in the middle of the night, locking Diddy in a barrel and stealing the bananas. DK awoke to find the bananas gone, and Diddy trapped nearby. With the help of Diddy and a host of animal friends, DK fought his way across DK Island, eventually reaching the Krem leader, King K. Rool. He and Diddy proceded to defeat K. Rool and rescue the bananas (Donkey Kong Country). Following his adventure, DK was kidnapped by the nefarious Kaptain K. Rool. It was up to Diddy and Dixie to rescue him from K. Rool, who was hidden high atop his own island. Though difficult, Diddy and Dixie rescued DK from K. Rool, and the three returned to DK Island (Donkey Kong Country 2). DK was again kidnapped by K. Rool, while he and Diddy were exploring a nearby island. Dixie Kong and her cousin, Kiddy, searched across the island, confronting K. Rool at his new fortress. K. Rool was again defeated, and DK and Diddy were freed from their prison - the giant robot, KAOS (Donkey Kong Country 3). DK took his turn at rescuing his friends when Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, and Chunky were kidnapped by K. Rool, who was preparing to destroy DK Island from his gigantic ship. As the apes were freed, they assisted Donkey Kong in destroying this latest threat, each confronting K. Rool from what remained of his vessel. K. Rool was ultimately defeated, and DK Island has remained in peace since then(Donkey Kong 64).
Note: the DKC storyline asserts that this Donkey Kong is the grandson of the original, rather than being the original DK. That honor goes to Cranky Kong. As such, this entry has been seperated from the entry for the original DK.

Donkey Kong, Jr.

Getting revenge for stealing Pauline, Mario captured DK in his first (and last) role as a villain. It was up to DK junior to get him back by climbing to the top of the dense jungle foliage. He is a tennis fan and math wiz. Not much else is known about this child (Donkey Kong Jr.). DKjr later assisted his fauther in his second attempt to capture Pauline. DKjr hindered Mario by throwing objects at him and causing other problems. However, Junior was eventually stopped in Donkey Kong's immense tower, allowing Mario to pursue DK to the top.
Note: although DKjr. has only had a major role in two games, he has also appeared in Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Super Mario Kart, Mario's Tennis (Virtual Boy), Mario Tennis (N64), and the Game & Watch Gallery series. Although his current status is unclear, it has been suggested that DKjr is the father of the DK from the Donkey Kong Country series, since Cranky is supposed to be the original DK. However, since he has never appeared in DKC, this is speculation.