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Baba to Bugsy
Number of entries: 28

-Page 1: Baba Baby Bowser (I) Ball and Chain Trooper Barba Barbos Barinade Beastman Belcha Big Boo Bill Billy Bio Rex
-Page 2: Birdo Black Shadow Blaine Bleak Blind the Thief Blitz Wagner Blood Falcon Bob-omb King Bombette Bongo Bongo Booster Bowser
-Page 3: Bowyer Brock Bruno Bugsy


A Rookie in the F-Zero Grand Prix, Baba Oninion is an arrogant racer who annoys his competitors. An excellent racer, Baba is known to be an exceptional learner and catches on quickly to new racing techniques. Coming from a large familiy, Baba is also a good athlete and has been offered several positions in sports. However, he wishes to race and has proven his abilities on the track, winning several races in his two years in the Grand Prix (FZX).
Note: much of this description is taken from the official F-Zero X website.

Baby Bowser (I)

Bowsers life of tyranny and revenge started at his earliest age. Bowsers origins are unknown. It is only known that he is originally from Dinosaur Land. Bowser was raised by Kamek the Magikoopa. Bowser was appearantly not directly responsible in his first encounter with the Mario brothers. Kamek, realizing that Mario and Luigi would cause great trouble to the Koopa Empire, attempted to capture the brothers. Kamek succeeded in catching Luigi, but missed Mario, who plummetted into Dinosaur Land. With help from the Yoshis, the Mario Brothers were reunited. In a last-ditch effort, Kamek turned Baby Bowser into a giant in order to stop the brothers from escaping. However, Yoshi succeeded in defeating Bowser, and the Mario Brothers returned on their way to their parents (Yoshi's Island). Bowser sought revenge on the Yoshis. He stole the Super Happy Tree and locked Yoshi's Island into a Story Book. At the loss of the Super Happy Tree, the adult Yoshis weakened. Only some newly hatched baby Yoshis were unaffected by the trees absence. The babies banded together to fight off Bowser and return the tree and their island. The band of babies suceeded in reaching Bowser, and with the help of the tree, defeated the naughty baby and restored peace to their land (Yoshi's Story).
Note: although Baby Bowser eventually grew up to become the present-day Mario nemesis, this entry has been seperated from the Bowser entry mainly due to the fact that Baby Bowser has thus far only appeared in Yoshi games, and to condense the Bowser entry. This Baby Bowser is not to be confused with the Baby Bowser that appeared in Mario Sunshine.

Ball and Chain Trooper

One of many Ball and Chain Troopers. This one was sent by Agahnim to capture Zelda, who by this time was the final descendant of the sages not sent to the dark world. A well trained armored soldier who weiled a deadly mace. Despite his preparation, Link could easily defeat him using his power sword, boomarang, and flying pots. Due to his failure, Zelda was rescued and protected by the sages (A Link to the Past).


Dragon with an incredibly long neck who survived in lava pits. He was a minion of Ganon, and guarded a dungeon for the prince of darkness. He defended himself by breathing fire on unprepared victims. His head proved the only weak part of his body; which Link used to defeat him in a volley of quick jabs to the sword. Upon this defeat, Barba disappeared and is believed destroyed (Zelda II).


A spiked, spined, barbed, and poisonous clam of a boss. Barbos was the leader of the Baron’s blockade at Razor Ridge. Although his forces primarily consisted of creatures such as Buzz and Klinger, Barbos himself resided underwater. Barbos used small clams and squid in opposition to his foes. However, Enguarde the Swordfish was able to defeat the giant clam and his defenses (Donkey Kong Country 3).


Gargantuous Parasitic Anenomy. Barinade used electrified jellyfish as batting clubs to ward off his enemies. Sent by Ganondorf to cause illness to the Zora guardian, Jabu-Jabu. Shortly after Barinade’s arrival, Jabu-Jabu consumed the Zora princess Ruto. Upon petition from King Zora, young Link traveled into the belly of Jabu-Jabu to retrieve Ruto and the Water Medallion which she had lost. Link encountered Barinade in the digestive systems of Jabu-Jabu. With a little luck and his boomarang, young Link defeated the parasite. At this date, only Jabu-Jabu knows of Barinades true whereabouts (Ocarina of Time).


Attacked by an alligator as a child, the racer known as Beastman has become famous across the galaxy as a hunter. He is greatly feared by animals, and enters the Grand Prix for two reasons - to offer his business services and to feul his anger. Now the man once known as Christopher Annex is well-known for his agressiveness on the track (F-Zero X).
Note: the information in this entry, too, is taken from the official F-Zero X website.


The premier of Baron K. Roolenstein’s forces on Lake Orangatanga. Belcha resided in a barn while his minions attempted to defeat Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong. However, the two Kongs succeeded in overcoming the obstacles set out by the gigantic, gaseous barrel and eventually reached his lair. The barrel was not able to fend off the two young Kongs, and was forced to give up (Donkey Kong Country 3).

Big Boo

Large, transparent, cunning leader of the Boos. The Big Boo and his underlings became a prime force in Bowser’s army. The Big Boo was first encountered by Mario in Dinosaur Land. The Big Boo was defeated and chased out of his home in Dinosaur Land, retreating with the rest of Bowser’s forces (Super Mario World). Later, during Bowser’s takeover of Peach’s castle, the Big Boo aided Bowser in guarding several of the power stars from Mario. But, one by one, Mario managed to steal the stars away from the Boo and close the warp to his mansion (Super Mario 64).
Note: this description applies to the Big Boo who appeared as a boss in SMW and SM64. He is not to be confused with King Boo, who was introduced in Luigi's Mansion.


Pokemon researcher of lore, Bill is a genius who maintains the PC storage system. He has researched some rare Pokemon, including Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. His inventions have also caused accidents, notably the Pokemon gene splicer in which he spliced his own genes with those of a Pokemon. Thanks to Ash, however, Bill was restored to normal, and rewarded Ash for his help (Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow).


A native to the planet Odyapes, six year old Eeeach Koo-koo-koo Yia entered the F-Zero Grand Prix under the name of Billy in order to prove simian superiority over the other alien species. Known for his excellent manueverability, Billy is a skilled racer who hates any who mock his driving skills (F-Zero X).
Note: yadda yadda yadda F-Zero X website.

Bio Rex

A genetically manipulated product of the Keerlon Corporation. Although outlawed by Earth for centuries, genetic engineering on a space station orbiting Jupiter brought Bio Rex to life. Sponsored by the Keerlon Corporation, Bio Rex was sent to race in the F-Zero Grand Prix to showcase what this new step in technology could do. Proving to be an excellent racer and scientific breakthrough in one, Bio Rex was subjected to all manner of press. His boredom got the better of him, and Bio Rex repeatedly embarressed the Keerlon Corporation, causing them to abandon support. However, Bio Rex still races in order to prove his superiority as a species (F-Zero X).
Note: yep, this also came from the F-Zero X website.